Cloudy Urine Causes

Cloudy urine causes may be innocent reactions from food, drink, medication, vitamins, supplements, exercise, and even candy. Normal urine is clear while normal urine color may range from colorless to yellow to amber. When a lot of water is ingested clear colorless urine is produced.  With normal water intake clear yellow urine is produced. During periods of minimal fluid intake clear dark urine or amber urine is produced. The condition can occur from normal physiological effects in women when vaginal discharge mixes with urine and in men when retrograde ejaculation mixes semen with urine. Both men and women then experience what appears to be cloudy urine, and both situations are normal and harmless events.

The causes can be as simple as eating a large meal, because phosphate may then build up in the bladder making the urine hard to see through or cloudy. Milk has been known to affect some people by clouding the urine. The lingering presence of such condition needs to be investigated by a urologist to thwart serious disorders from advancing. Since blood in urine may have the appearance of cloudy urine the causes and factors are numerous, trauma may cause blood in urine such as car accidents, contact sports, falls and even long distance running.

These causes may stem from other blood in urine sources such as kidney stones, cysts, kidney disease, hypertension, Glomerulonephritis, end stage renal disease, gonorrhea, Schistosomiasis, diabetic nephropathy, and cancer in the urinary system. Both Inflammation and infection, which cause the majority of urine clouding events, have a tendency to appear and disappear, this not only confuses most people, but is a strong reason to have our cloudy urine symptom diagnosed professionally, to make sure our body is healthy.

The causes of this condition may have other symptoms present that can help us to analyze our medical problem, such as bladder pain, urine odor, dark urine, painful urination, urine color, full bladder, burning urination, green urine, foamy urine, blood clots in urine, pink urine, and burning after urination.